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Imada Force Measurement: Attachments and Accessories


Standard Attachments for FB, PS, DPS and AXT Imada force gauges

PS and AXT kits include all attachments.  FB and DPS kits include all except the large hook and Y-hook.  

  • Series A - 20 lbs max
  • Series S - 110 lbs max
  • Series SH - 220 lbs max



Model #s




Standard Attachments for ESH, PSH and DPXH Imada force gauges

PSH and DPXH kits include all attachments. ESH kits include hook, flathead, handles and mounting screw. 

  • Series B - 1100 lbs max



Model #s



Knurled Handles
(set of 2)



Other Attachments for Imada force gauges



Model #s/

Small pin grips

Ideal for gripping small diameter wires, pins, filaments, etc.

PC-05: 0 - 0.5 mm ($125.00)

PC-1: 0.5 - 1 mm ($125.00)

PC-2: 1 - 2 mm ($125.00)

Fine point grips

Test small to medium gauge wire, components and other pull tests

SC-3: 3 mm, 22 lbs max ($190.00)

SC-8: 8 mm, 35 lbs max ($190.00)

Thin Film Grip

Use these spring-loaded grips to check the tensile strength of thin film samples up to 2mm thick

FC-20: 20mm jaw ($190.00)

FC-40: 40mm jaw, 110 lbs max ($190.00)

Flat Chuck

20mm square serrated face, heavy-duty flat chuck

GC-10: 10mm opening ($185)

GC-20: 20mm ($185) opening heavy duty, 110 lb max

Wedge Grip

This spring-loaded grip is ideal for tensile measurements of thick materials up to 10mm. 15mm serrated jaw.

KC-100: 220 lb max ($860.00)

KC-5000: 1100 lb max ($1190.00)

Jacob's Chuck

For use with shafts and rods

GC-5: 0.5-5mm, 110 lbs max ($1950.00)

GC-15: 2-13mm 220 lbs max ($190.00)

Wire wrapping grip


For measuring the strength of wires, filaments, etc.

GC-30: 110 lbs max ($280)

Vise chuck

Screw tightened vise is ideal for slip-free attachment to base of test stand. 38mm wide jaw opens to 39mm

WG-100: 110 lbs max ($150)

Tape Grip

Self tightening "buckle type" mechanism ensures slip-free operation

GC-60: 20mm wide ($280)

Universal Joint

Flexible coupling connects measuring shaft and attachment

UJ-10: M10P1.5 shaft, 110  lbs max ($125.00)

Peeling Attachments

Measure the peel force of laminated materials, etc.

PF-1 pull test peeling ($365.00)

PF-2 Push test peeling ($280)

Button Puller

Unique puller adjusts to grip buttons, etc. 6-25 mm

BP-6: 30 lbs max ($360)

Wire Grip-1

The spring loaded 20mm jaw opens to 5mm

WG-1: 220 lbs max ($155)

V-Shape Wire Grip

V-Shape Wire Grip

Large gripping surface for wire up to 6mm and doesn’t harm the wire jacket 63mm wide, 114mm long. WG-200 ($285)

Wire Cam Grip

Wire Cam Grip

Cam action grips quickly and easily up to 6mm. WG-300 ($175)

Tape Grips

Imada Tape Grip

Self-tightening “buckle-type” mechanism ensures slip-free operation.
TG-60 (30mm wide) - $325
TG-100 (50mm wide) - $389

Wire Grip

Imada Wire Grip

220 pound capacity wire grip
WG-2 - $155

Multi Terminal Grip

Imada Multi Terminal Grip

220 pound capacity multi terminal grip
WG-3 - $325.00


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