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Polar Heart Rate Monitors:  Compare all Polar heart monitors
Features N/A N/A




CS600 with Power









Polar AXN500

Polar AXN300







Basic features
Heart rate (displayed as bpm)xxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
Automatic/Manual target zone (% / bpm / HRR%)%/bpm/HRR%%/bpm/HRR%%/bpm%/bpmxxxxxxxxxopt.xbpmbpm%/bpm/HRR%manual/bpmmanual/bpm     bpmmanual bpmmanual bpm   
Heart rate (displayed as HRR%)xx     xx        x             
Heart rate (displayed as graphical trend)       xxx        xxGeneralGeneral         
Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate)xxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.xxxxxxxxxxx    xx
Visual and audible alarm in target zonesxxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.xonly visual in cycling modeonly visual in cycling modexxxxxxxxxxx xx
Water resistant50m50m50m50m50m50m50msplash proofsplash proofsplash proof50m10m10m10m10m30m30m30m100m100m50m50m30m30m30m50m50m50m30m50m50m
Backlightxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxw/o backlight in the North and South America
HeartTouch™, button-free operation of wrist unit  xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx
Heart rate sets: pre-program favorite exercise settings                               
Manual target zone (% / bpm                    %/bpm%/bpm%/bpm%/bpmGeneral xx %/bpm%/bpm
Automatic age-based target zone (% / bpm)                    %/bpm%/bpm%/bpm%/bpm     %/bpm%/bpm
Easy start (setting wizard)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x             
Over-sized displayxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x        xx   
User configurable displaysall linesall linesall linesall linesall linesall linestop linexxxxxxxx  all lines             
Dome button, with touch response and sound           xxxx                
Sound volume level setting          xxxxx     xxxxx    x 
Double antenna (longer range, less disturbance)          xxxxx                
KeyLockxxxxxxxxxxx      x  xxxxx   xxx
Event Countdown Timerxxxxxx           x             
Display zoomxxxxxx xxx       x             
Compass features
Bearing in degress                  x            
North indicator, cardinal points and graphical bearing indicator                  x            
Bearing tracking function                               
Declination setting                  x            
Mobile connectivity
MobileLink               xx x            
Computer connectivity
Transfer exercise data from wrist unit to via Polar WebLink (SonicLink/Infrared)xxxxxx xxxxxx  xxxx          x 
Transfer logos from Polar web site to wrist unit (UpLink)    xxx   xxxxxxx xx         x 
Edit wrist unit settings with Polar UpLink Tool and transfer them to your Polar product (UpLink)    xxx   xxxxxxx xx         xx
Compatible with Polar Precision Performance™ analysis software               xx x            
Compatible with Polar ProTrainer 5™ softwarexxxx   xxx       xx            
Data transfer
Infrared using external Polar IR Interface (optional)               xx              
IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter or internal/external non-Polar IrDA adapteropt.opt.opt.opt.   opt.opt.opt.     opt.opt.opt.opt.            
SonicLink (PC with a sound card and microphone required)    xx    xxx                x 
Recording features
R-R Recordingxx     xx        x             
Number of exercise files (with summaries)999999991616199999914771x99999910080100100100100General   100121
Online recording with optional Polar IR Interface                               
Exercise file info page with date and timexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         x 
Exercise Time (total)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtotaltotalxxxxxxxxxxx totaltotal
Time in target zonexxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.xxxxxxxxxxx    xx
Target zone limitsxxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.xxxx1 set1 set         xx
Average heart ratexxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.x  x  xxxxxxxx xx
Maximum heart ratexxxx   xxxx      x  xxxxxxx  xx
Last OwnIndexx xxxx xxxx    xxxxx           
Calorie expenditure (Exercise/Weekly/Total/Fat%) exe.totalexe.totalexe.totalexe.totalexe.totalexercise/totalxxxxx
Automatic Logbook with circular memory                  2 weeks1 week           
Season totals                  xx           
Recording rate1s,5s,15s,60s1s,5s,15s,60s1s,5s,15s,60s1s,5s,15s,60s   1s,5s,15s,60s1s,5s,15s,60s1s,5s,15s,60s     5s, 15s, 60s5s, 15s, 60s1s,5s,15s,60s5s, 15s, 60s, 5 min            
Memory left indicationxxxx           xxxx            
Lap infoxxxxxxx        xxxx            
Aerobic/Anaerobic threshold summary               xx              
Fitness Exercise Diary                             x 
Fitness Exercise Diary with personal targets                               
Weekly history       xxxxxx                  
Short diary             xx                
Watch features
Time of day (12/24h) with alarmxxxxxxxxxxxw/o alarmw/o alarmw/o alarmw/o alarmxxx3 daily alarms3 daily alarmsxxxxxw/o alarmw/o alarmw/o alarmxxx
Dual time zonexxxxxx xxxx    xxxxxxxxxx   x  
Date and weekday indicatorxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx
StopWatchxxxxxxxxxxx    xxxxxxx         
Exercise reminder (visual/alarm)       xxxx    xxx             
Low battery indicatorxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxx
Alarm with snoozexxxxxxxxxxx      xxxxxxxx   x  
Countdown Timerxx                xx           
Reminders (visual/alarm)xxxx   xxx       x55           
Language features
Display text in English                             xx
Display text in English, German, French and Spanishxxxxxx           x             
Display text in English, German, Finnish, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian       xxxx         xxxxx   x  
Transmitter belt
T31 transmitter                         incl. in FS3 product set in the North and South Americaincl. in FS2 product set in the North and South Americax  incl. in product set in the North and South America
T31 coded™ transmitter  compatiblecompatiblecompatiblecompatiblex  compatiblecompatiblecompatiblecompatiblecompatiblex   compatiblex     incl. in FS3c product set in other countriesincl. in FS2c product set in other countriescompatible compatibleincl. in product set in other countries
WearLink® 31 coded transmitter (changeable battery)  compatiblecompatiblecompatiblecompatiblecompatible  compatiblecompatiblexxcompatiblecompatiblecompatiblecompatible compatiblecompatible     compatiblecompatiblecompatible  compatible
WearLink® transmitter W.I.N.D. (changeable battery)compatiblecompatible     compatiblecompatible        compatible             
WearLink®+ 31 coded transmitter (changeable battery)  xxxx   xx    xx x xxxxx    x 
Barometer features
Sea level pressure with graphical trend                  xx           
Absolute barometric pressure                  xx           
Temperature                  xx           
Barometric pressure drop alarm                  x            
Altimeter features
Altitude with graphical trendavailable via PC softwareavailable via PC software             available via PC softwareavailable via PC softwareavailable via PC softwarexx           
Vertical speed (ascent and descent rate); ave. and max.                  xx           
Altitude alarms                  x            
Slope Counter                   x           
Cumulative Ascent and Descentavailable via PC softwareavailable via PC software             available via PC softwareavailable via PC softwareavailable via PC softwarexx           
GPS features
Speed and Distance                 x  xopt. with G1 GPS sensorxopt. with G1 GPS sensor       
Shock resistant                 x  xGeneralxGeneral       
Battery type                 AA  AAGeneralAAGeneral       
Full power mode (up to 30 hours with an optional lithium battery)                 avg. 10 hours  avg. 10 hoursGeneralavg. 10 hoursGeneral       
Low power battery mode                 avg. 15 hours  avg. 15 hoursGeneralavg. 15 hoursGeneral       
SIRF-III chipset                 x  xGeneralxGeneral       
Activity features
Activity zones and Zone pointer                               
Cumulative calories (kcal) and calorie expenditure rate (kcal/h)                               
24/7 activity measurement                            x  
Calories of active time                            x  
Activity trend (shows 9 weeks of daily fitness)                            x  
Cycling features
Trip       xxxxxxxxxopt.              
Distance       xxxxxxxxxx              
Distance based interval       xxx     xopt.              
Distance based recovery measurement       xxx     xopt.              
Odometer (1/2 and total)       xxxxxxxxxx              
Speed (current, average and max)       xxxxxxxxxopt.              
Wheel size settings for two bicycles       xxxxxxxxxopt.              
Bike mountopt.opt.opt.opt.opt.opt.opt.xxxxxxxxxopt.opt.opt.opt.     opt.opt.opt. opt.opt.
Speed sensor         wirelesswirelesswirelesswirelesswirelesswirelesswirelessopt. wireless              
Cadence sensor         opt. wirelessopt. wirelesswirelessopt. wirelessopt. wirelessopt. wirelesswirelessopt. wireless              
Power Output Sensor™               opt. wiredopt. wired              
Estimated Time of Arrival       xxxxxxxx                
Graphical comparison of two values       xxxxxxspeedx                
Calorie consumption rate/hour       xxxxxx x                
Calorie consumption rate/km       xxxxxx x                
Autostart/stop       xxxxxxxx                
SpeedPointer       xxx xxxx                
Automatic display scroll       xxxxxxxx                
Multifunctional handle bar/stem installation       xxx xxxx                
Speed sensor installation for different fork shapes       xxxxxxxx                
Temperature and altitude       xxx     xx xx           
Cycling Efficiency Index       xopt. with Power Output sensor      opt. with Power Output sensor               
Left/right balance       xopt. with Power Output sensor      opt. with Power Output sensor               
Pedaling index       xopt. with Power Output sensor      opt. with Power Output sensor               
Cycling Limits       xopt. with Power Output/Cadence sensoropt. with Cadence sensor                     
Incline Measurement       xxx                     
CS speed sensor™ W.I.N.D.       xx                      
CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D.       xopt.                      
Running features
Speed/Pace and Distancexopt.xopt.xopt.         opt.xx             
Speed displayed in pace, or kmph/mphxopt.xopt.xopt.         opt.xx             
Running Indexxopt.xopt.             x             
Running Cadence and Average Stride Lengthxopt.               opt. with s3             
Shoe selectionxxxx             x             
Target pacexopt.xopt.xopt.         opt.xx             
Target pace alarmsxopt.xopt.xopt.         opt.xx             
Trip Odometerxopt.xopt.xopt.         opt.xx             
Run Distancexopt.xopt.xopt.         opt.xx             
Running route elevation profilexx             opt.xx             
Time and Distanced based interval timerxopt.xopt.xopt.         opt.xx             
Totals mileage, kilocalories, time trainingxopt.xopt.xopt.         opt.xx             
Distance summariesxopt.xopt.xopt.           x             
Speed/Pace summariesxopt.xopt.xopt.           x             
Speed/Pace target zonesxopt.xopt.xopt.           x             
Speed/Pace lockxopt.xopt.             x             
S1 foot pod™  xopt.xopt.         opt.x   opt.opt.opt.opt.       
s3 stride sensor™ W.I.N.D.xopt.               opt.             
Polar exercise features
Wireless ECG accurate heart ratexxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
Polar sport zonesxxxxxx xxx       x             
Polar OwnZone®xxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.x  x  xxxx     x 
Polar OwnCal®xxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.xxxxxxxxxxx    xx
Polar Fitness Test™ with OwnIndex®xxxxxx xxxx    xxxxxxxxxx      
Polar Heart Rate Rest Test™                               
Polar OwnCode® (5kHz)  xxxxx xxxxxxxFS3cFS2c  xnon-coded in the North and South America
Polar OwnCode® (2.4 GHz) W.I.N.D.xx     xx        x             
Polar OwnOptimizer™xxxx   xx      xxx             
Polar Keeps U Fit ™ - Own Workout Program                               
Polar OwnRelax™                    xx         
Polar Body Workout                               
HR-based target zones with visual alarm33333313x3xxxopt.x3331 set of limits1 set of limitsxxxxxxxx xx
HR-based target zones with audible alarm33333313x3xxxopt.x3 (not in bike mode)3 (not in bike mode)31 set of limits1 set of limitsxxxxxxxx xx
Cadence-based target zones with visual and audible alarm       xxxx                    
Power-based target zones with visual and audible alarm       xopt. with Power Output                      
Exercise Set (extended exercise profiles)xxxxxxxx xxxxxx55x             
Fitness Bullets (á 10 minutes in target zone)                             xx
Independent CountDown / CountUp timer                  xx           
HRmax (Polar Fitness test-based)xxxxxx xxxx    xxx             
HRmax (age-based)xxxxxxxxxxx    xxxxx           
Interval timersxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx             
Maximum heart rate of total exercisexxxxxxxxxxxxxopt.xxxxxxxxxxxxx    
Average heart rate of total exercisexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
Minimum heart rate of total exercisexxxx   xxx       x             
Average heart rate of each lapxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx             
Maximum heart rate of each lapxxxxxx xxx xxopt.xxxx             
Recovery measurement (HR / time)               xx              
Relaxation rate during exercisexx               x             
Number of laps9999999999x 9999995050505050999999markers: 255            
Automatic lap recordingxopt.xopt.xopt. xxx xxxxxxx             
Exercise Datexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx
Altitude, ascent and descentxx     xxx     xxxxx           
Interval trainer (HR, pace, distance) guided workoutsxxxxxx           xxx           
ZonePointerxxxxxx xxxxxx x  x  xxxxx    xx
R-R Intervals / Online HR Variabilityxx     xx        x             
Polar EnergyPointer                        x      
Polar OwnCal with Altimeter correction                               
Polar Star Training Program                    xxxx       
Polar Strength Training                    xx         
Speed-based target zones with visual and audible alarm                               
GPS coordinates                               
Combined training files                               

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